Survey on improving education for children on the autism spectrum

A message from the National Autistic Society:

“Right now there is a parliamentary inquiry into the provision of education and support for children and young people on the autism spectrum in England. This is an important opportunity to feedback what you’d change about the current education system so it better supports children on the autism spectrum.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism wants to hear from parents, carers and young people about your experiences of the special educational needs system and what needs to change. Please complete the survey before 10 July 2017 and share your views.

To complete the survey, click on this link.

This survey is for parents of children and young people up to the age of 25, if they are still in school or at a further education college. (We are not looking at experiences of higher education – university – at present, as it is not covered by the 0-25 SEND system.)”