SENSE Report and campaign ‘When I’m Gone’ on long-term support for disabled people

The charity SENSE have issue a report and begun a campaign on long-term support for disabled people. Many disabled people are supported by their families. Family members play a key role in enabling and empowering them, becoming experts in their care. Few families have felt able to put plans in place for the future. According to SENSE:

  • 1.7 million disabled people are supported by their friends and families. 75% have no plan for the day that support is no longer available.
  • 67% of carers have profound fears about what will happen to their relative when they are no longer able to provide care.
  • Two thirds of local authorities are unaware of how many disabled adults in their area are currently being cared for by family and friends at home.
  • Only a quarter of councils routinely provide support to make contingency plans for future care.

To read about the campaign, to download the report ‘When I’m Gone’ and the document ‘Decisions to Make, Steps to Take’, go to