Zoom Session with Helen Eaton on Social Anxiety and Emotional Regulation, Thursday 29th April

Sheffield Autistic Society has commissioned Autism Specialist Helen Eaton to provide a Zoom session for autistic people on Thursday 29th April:

Helen says:  “My training comes from an Autistic perspective. Understanding Autistic challenges and strengths is key to my work. Having trained thousands of people I have learnt from their stories and experiences. Autistic thinking is about thinking differently – it’s not wrong or faulty. Helping people understand Autism may enable changes that can make a real difference to someone’s life.”

If you are interested in having a place in this session, please email Liz Friend at: liz-friend@sky.com

You will receive Zoom meeting details by email. Helen is very happy to have questions sent to her before hand, so please can you email Helen directly or via Liz with anything you would like to be answered, relating to social anxiety and emotional regulation.