Take Part in a Study about Post Diagnostic Support for Autistic Adults

Received from Suzy Crowson (Sheffield University):

Hello, I hope this email finds you well. I am emailing to introduce myself and let you know about a research study that I am working on with Dr Megan Freeth and Dr Daniel Poole at the University of Sheffield.

What is the study?
In this study we are looking at the support autistic adults receive after being diagnosed. We want to hear about autistic peoples’ experiences of post-diagnostic support and whether the support on offer could be improved. From this, we will be looking at improving services to ensure that post-diagnostic support truly meets the needs of autistic adults.

Who are we looking for?
We are recruiting autistic adults who received a diagnosis as an adult (18+)  from a UK service within the last ten years to take part in this study.

What does taking part involve?
Taking part will involve contributing to 3 two-hour online workshops. The dates are given on an online form where you can register your interest. Participants who take part in all three sessions will receive a £75 voucher per session.

How do I express my interest in the study?
Please follow the link and complete the Google Form if you are interested in taking part:

Please note that there are a limited number of spaces available at the workshops. We will invite eligible participants and provide further information.
If you cannot take part in the workshops, but would like to contribute to the study there is an option to take part via questionnaire. More information is included on the expression of interest form.

What if I need more information to decide?
I very much hope that you would like to join us with this research. If you have any questions about the research, you can email me via s.crowson@sheffield.ac.uk, or the study principal investigator Megan (via m.freeth@sheffield.ac.uk).
We are very happy to answer any questions you may have and can organise a phone call to talk to you about the project if that is something you might find useful.

Please feel free to share this email with anyone you know who might be interested in taking part in the study.

I think that this will be interesting and important work and whilst you may not benefit yourself you will be making a big difference for other autistic adults in ensuring that good support is available post-diagnosis.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Suzy Crowson