Proposed new Sheffield Autism Drop-In Service: name wanted

From Emma Tomkinson, Mental Health Matters

We are proud to announce that Mental Health Matters (MHM) are soon going to be launching a new drop in provision for autistic people in Sheffield but we need your help to decide what this service should be called.

Therefore, we are asking potential clients, friends/family, referral agents, partners and commissioners to have their say and come up with some names. Once the initial names have been collated another survey will be sent for you to choose which name you want our service to be called.

If you would like to contribute towards creating our new service name, please click on the link below to complete a short survey by 11:59 on Sunday 21st May 2023

About the service
The aim is to develop and deliver drop-in provision accessible to, and offering support to, autistic people aged 16 and above, and their (informal) carers and families. People will be provided with information, advice and opportunities to connect with community groups and support in a welcoming and safe environment.

We will work closely with other partners and VCSE groups to create the drop in provision and will continue to work with these services to support the delivery of the provision. Further information will be shared once a name has been decided.


Autistic people in Sheffield aged 16 and above will:

* Have increased access to services and support in their community (a community hub that would provide a signposting service and a space where other experts could hold more specialist sessions)

* Feel better supported, with more of their individual needs met as a result of accessing the provision

At MHM, we believe in empowering people to put themselves at the centre of their care/support, and in control of their lives.

MHM are passionate about partnership working to support service users to achieve their goals.
For the creation of the drop in provision we are looking to identify what the needs are of individuals and those involved with autistic people to look at what support is best to help all to achieve their goals. Therefore, we will work closely with individuals, partners and other organisations to create a provision that will support all. Further surveys and focus groups will be communicated to understand what the goals of individuals so that we can create a service which will meet as many needs as possible.

We really appreciate your thoughts and look forward to hearing your suggestions for what this exciting, new service should be called

Kind regards

Emma Tomkinson
Area Manager (North West)
Mental Health Matters (MHM)
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