Monthly Support Groups

Please first read the Coronavirus Update opposite, since all the activities described below are likely to be affected.

Daytime meetings

Since March 2020 none of us have been able to meet face-to-face and the Carers Centre is not able to host any support group meetings.
We are hoping to resume our face-to-face lunchtime/afternoon meetings from September. The dates and time will change to the second Thursday of the month at 1pm. We will also have to change location as the Carers’ Centre has now moved but will let you know as soon as we have a new venue as close to the city centre as we can. We will update the website when there is any further news.

Evening meetings

Apart from the Adult Asperger Group (see below), the Sheffield Autistic Society does not have evening meetings but you may wish to contact the Sheffield Asperger Parents Action Group who hold meetings each month.

Adult Asperger Group

Go to Groups for Autistic and Asperger Adults for details of this group.

Other local groups

For information about other meetings and support groups in Sheffield see Other Events and these sections of the Useful Links page:
Local volunteer organisations supporting autistic adults
Local volunteer organisations supporting autistic children and their families