The Sheffield Autism Partnership

Sheffield Autism Partnership Board

Sheffield’s Autism Partnership Board currently meets each month to improve the provision of services and support for autistic children, adults, their families and carers in Sheffield, including young autistic persons in transition to adulthood. Members include representatives from Sheffield City Council and local NHS bodies, community and voluntary sector organisations and services; autistic adults, their parents, carers and family members, professionals and other relevant organisations and individuals.

Revised  Sheffield Autism Partnership Board Terms of Reference  were agreed and adopted in September 2021, when the Board became an “all-age” board to reflect the new national autism strategy.

For a list of downloadable Sheffield Autism Partnership key documents, together with the agenda and minutes of recent meetings of the Sheffield Autism Partnership Board  see this page.

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Sheffield Autism Partnership Network (SAPN)

The Sheffield Autism Partnership Network is a Sheffield based consortium focusing on improving the lives of Autistic people and their families in our city.

It is a network of organisations (voluntary, community, public, private and statutory), Autistic individuals and their support systems (parents, carers, friends, partners, etc) who work with Autistic people, their families and carers.

For information about the network, its member organisations and how they can help you and your support system see the website: