Autism Partnership evolving in Sheffield

Following the council’s “autism summit” in May 2015, a number of individuals and groups with a direct interest in improving information, opportunities and services for the autistic community in Sheffield (including members of Sheffield Autistic Society) have been working in different ways to try to make progress in line with the Autism Act (2009) and the National Strategy on autism.

We include people with autistic spectrum conditions, family members, carers and professionals who want  to “do something” about what has long been a severely neglected issue in Sheffield.

There have been working groups on Autism and Employment, and on Autism Training, Awareness and Information.

We are now working with the city council and local NHS to try to bring together more people and organisations in planning and improving services, through the creation of an official autism partnership body in Sheffield, as required under the Department of Health’s Statutory Guidance on Adult Autism.

Over the next few months, we hope to bring you news of these developments and, when there are opportunities to get involved, enable you to find out how.