Autism Show – Manchester Friday 30 June

Message to members of Sheffield Autistic Society about the Autism Show – from Liz Friend

Hi All

The Autism Show, organised by the National Autistic Society, is one of the biggest autism events in the country. Full details of the Manchester event can be found at:  and you can see a poster for the show here: AutismShow 2017

As it’s a large event then it does create problems for those of us with sensory needs. In response to a question about those with autism attending and whether the venue is suitable for those with sensory needs the National Autistic Society has replied:

“That’s a difficult question for us to answer. You know that person’s needs most. If they have acute sensory issues we would not recommend the exhibition to visit as it can get very busy and noisy, like any other popular public place. However we do have families attending with autistic children and adults on the spectrum visiting and also speaking at the event. We try to make the event as accessible as possible to those on the spectrum by having wider than usual aisles, clear signage, dimmed lighting and a quiet room available.”

I will be going along to the show on Friday 30 June and have arranged a number of tickets for members who wish to come along too. The Autism Show runs from 10am until 5pm on Friday 30 June (and Saturday 1 July) and there is plenty to interest everyone with some really interesting speakers. If you want to come along then please let me know and I will reserve you a ticket. The arrangements are as follows:

· Meet at Sheffield Train Station for 8.50am by the Superdrug shop.

· Take the 9.11am train to Manchester Piccadilly

· Train arrives in Manchester Piccadilly at 10.02am

· Take a bus to Event City where the Autism Show is held (15 minutes journey)

· Arrive at Autism Show approximately 10.30am

· Chance to see speakers/exhibitions/workshops of your choice

· Meet at exit to the Autism Show at 5pm

· Take bus back to Manchester Piccadilly station

· Take the 18.20 train to Sheffield Station

· Arrive Sheffield Station at 19.10

The return train fare to Manchester is £16.00 If you buy advance single tickets for the two trains as above. If you need to have flexibility to leave earlier (or go later) then you can buy an off peak day return for £21.70p which is also valid for the same journey but check for other train times. As train tickets are incredibly complicated I’ve put the link here:

The Sheffield Autistic Society will pay for the tickets for the show and also the transport to and from Manchester Piccadilly station to Event City but you will need to cover the cost of the rail tickets. If anyone is unable to cover the costs of the train ticket then please let me know.

I’m away next week so don’t worry if I don’t respond straight away!!

Best wishes