Bohm Dialogue – for Professionals and Students in Autism 21st September

Bohm Dialogue – for Professionals and Students in Autism.
Sep 21st 2017. 1pm – 5pm 38 Mappin St, Sheffield, S1 4DT.
Free upon registration / Refreshments provided.
See poster for this event here.

Bohm Dialogue, (named after David Bohm) is a free exchange of ideas and information without an agenda and provides the opportunity to examine preconceptions and prejudices among peers by open conversation with active listening.

There is an increasingly wide range of definitions, criteria and ideas around Autism Spectrum Conditions, some changing regularly, some driven by factors such as culture. It is our objective to facilitate a Dialogue between professionals and students and support a greater common and more dynamic understanding. This one-off Dialogue, part of a British Academy funded project for ShARL, precedes a major programme due to commence in early 2018. Future Dialogue sessions will involve autistic and non-autistic people from different cultures and sectors of society, and autistic people exclusively, and aims to increase common understanding and improve lives of autistic people.

“…it may turn out that such a form of free exchange of ideas and information is of fundamental relevance for transforming culture and freeing it of destructive misinformation so that creativity can be liberated.” – David Bohm

Jonathan Drury BA (Hons) is a member of the UK Academy of Professional Dialogue and Dr. Liz Milne, Reader at University of Sheffield, is the founder of the Sheffield Autism Research Lab (University of Sheffield)
Registrations of interest and enquiries – please email Dr. Liz Milne

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