SAYiT (The Sheena Amos Youth Trust)

A message from SAYiT (The Sheena Amos Youth Trust) a non-profit organisation for young people aged 11-25:

“We have managed to secure some funding to put on a six week group for autistic and disabled people aged 11-25 to meet in a friendly atmosphere, hang out, do activities and share their experiences of being both LGBT+ and autistic/disabled. This group is open to all those who identify this way, even if they have never come to a SAYiT youth group before. Young people can participate as much as they wish to and there is no pressure to do anything.

We are attaching a poster (see below) about the group and would appreciate if you could circulate it to those you think may be interested.”

Note – For more information about SAYiT see the charity’s website:

To sign up for the group, young people can send an email to Hannah at: