HOLD Scheme and My Safe Home

Sheffield Autistic Society received the following message from Susan Kirkman of Sheffield Autism Partnership Board:

Hello – Following on from our meeting with David Abbey of ‘My Safe Home’ at the meeting of the Autism Partnership Board on 31st July, I am trying to get an idea of the number of people who would be willing to explore the idea of a HOLD mortgage so we can encourage housing associations to work with us. Could you put the information below on the SAS website, anywhere else you think would raise interest and ask anyone you know whether it would be something they were interested in and get back to me with their details.


My Safe Home say:”Having a complex and profound disability (excluding you from conventional employment) should never stand in the way of having your own home or living the kind of life you really want to lead. These simple beliefs lie at the heart of everything we do.

Making them happen might seem like an impossible dream but it isn’t. We really do know how to turn hopes into homes and we’ve already helped well over a thousand people buy a property that they can truly call home for the rest of their life…

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You will find more information about this scheme on our Housing page: https://sheffieldautisticsociety.org.uk/information/housing/#hold

If you are interested in following this up please send your details to Susan via our message form: https://sheffieldautisticsociety.org.uk/contact-us/#message