The Reason I Jump (Relaxed Version) – Showroom Workstation Cinema – Sheffield

On a number of dates during June the Showroom Cinema is screening ‘The Reason I Jump’  based on the bestselling book with the same title by Naoki Higashida. As well as being Autistic, Higashida is also non-verbal, and strengthens what Autistic adult activists are fighting for; making reasonable adjustments within the Autism community makes communication possible for those who would have previously been classed as “Low-Functioning”.

Producers have made a version of the film that would be more accessible to Autistic people (the standard cut can be quite intense with little warning of what’s coming), so the Showroom are screening both cuts of the film, with half of the screenings adapted to make a more relaxed environment.

They accept CEA cards and access cards.

Information on the screening can be found here: The Reason I Jump (Relaxed Version) – Showroom Workstation – Sheffield

Information about the venue accessibility can be found here: How to find us – Showroom Workstation – Sheffield