More changes for carers in Sheffield

Following the loss of funding to the Caring Sharing Project in Sheffield and consequent changes for carers, we report, without comment, the following further change as outlined in the latest Carers’ Centre Newsletter, from which the following is an extract:

“From April this year, there will be a change for Sheffield carers in how they can access a carer’s assessment. As part of how we deliver the new contract, from April 2017 this year if you have a carer’s assessment, your conversation will be with one of the Carers Advisors at the Carers Centre, instead of staff from Adult Social Care at Sheffield City Council.

The Carers Centre has been supporting carers for more than twenty years and is well placed to take on this important role. The single focus of our organisation is carers and our team of staff and volunteers has an excellent understanding of caring and the issues carers can face, often having experience of caring themselves.

So while responsibility for ensuring carer’s assessments are carried out remains with the council, it will be Carers Centre staff who carry out the assessments. We will be working closely with colleagues in Sheffield City Council to ensure a smooth transition and good communication, both between our organisations and with carers.

Importantly, we will continue to consult and work with carers to make sure we carry out this new responsibility taking fully into account what carers tell us is important to them.”

You can read the whole article by downloading the March 2017 Sheffield Carers’ Centre Newsletter.