Request for participants: Study about autism and early development in pregnancy

We have been asked by Ezra Aydin, a research student at Cambridge Autism Research Centre to publicise this study and invite potential participants  among pregnant mums with either an ASC diagnosis, or with a child who has a diagnosis and who are happy to come in for an additional 3D ultrasound scan.

“The aim of this research is to see if there are any physical characteristics in pregnancy that might be related to later autistic traits in childhood. The overall aim is to help support children who might be later diagnosed with ASC and their families from as early as possible. The scan is done during late 2nd trimester and early 3rd. Our intention is not to develop a screening for autism in pregnancy, it is to help provide more support for children thought to be ‘at risk’ and their families from an earlier age.”

If you might be interested in participating, you can see more information in Ezra’s letter here: Autism and development in pregnancy.